2011 Conference CD - 3 Pack

2011 Conference CD - 3 Pack

Toronto 2011
The Glory of Missions
Speakers: Mark Jones, Richard Ganz, Dwayne Cline
From Jesus' great command in Matthew to a modern day inner-city mission experience, these sessions provide a well-rounded introduction to the world of missions.

Vancouver 2011
The Biblical Foundations of the Church 
Speakers: Stephen J. Wellum, Richard Ganz
Taking the key doctrines articulated during the Reformation (the fives Solas), each session considers the biblical basis for these core concepts and expounds on their implications for evangelism, sanctification and the everyday life of a believer.

London 2011
What is Man?
Speakers: Joseph A. Pipa Jr., Michael A. G. Haykin, Heinz Dschankilic
This conference focused on one of the most foundational questions that a person could ask themselves: What does it mean to be human?  Starting with Genesis 1-3, the speakers explore death, humanity's relationship to  the created world and what humanity looks like in the resurrection.

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