A Cup of Cold Water

A Cup of Cold Water

Julia Jones

Even if you'd make the perfect contestant for the British TV show "Can't cook, won't cook," this book is still for you! Lack of culinary ability is probably one of the commonest objections to getting involved in giving hospitality. As Julia Jones looks thoughtfully at this subject you will see that food plays only a small part, and, as the title indicates, hospitality can be as simple as tea and biscuits or a cold drink on a hot day. Through true hospitality, relationships between Christians can be wonderfully deepened. In this highly practical little book, Julia Jones gives careful consideration to such matters as the Biblical basis for giving hospitality, why some people find it hard to show hospitality, what hospitality "looks like", how to get ready for it and how to exercise hospitality with sensitivity.

Additional Notes
- Topical issue addressed within clear Biblical and commonsense framework
- Third in new series "Wise Choices" based on Proverbs 4:5-7
- Highly practical approach to the matter of hospitality, and how it differs from entertainment
- "How-to" approach driven from underlying principles explained; Modern art illustrations help make the points!

Born and brought up in Yorkshire, England, Julia Jones became a Christian during her student days. She later returned to student work with UCCF. For the past sixteen years Julia has been involved in church ministry alongside her husband, Daryl. She is part of the FIEC women's ministry team and speaks at women's conferences. Julia is the mother of two teenagers, Harry and Libby.

Reader Suitability
- All Christian families
- Busy home-makers
- Churches and groups interested in developing biblical hospitality


64 pages


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