Biblical Womanhood

Biblical Womanhood

Sarah Young

ISBN: 9781904889076
Pages: 64

Product Description

Everywhere women face choices — home or career, money or relationships, ‘secure’ marriage or ‘free’ singleness, using your looks to get on or ignoring your looks and getting ignored, competing with the boys or retreating into the sisterhood ghetto, the ‘progress’ of feminism or the ‘nostalgia’ of motherhood and apple-pie, women bishops or tea-ladies and baby-sitters?

Our culture has plenty to say on all these issues. But a Christian woman, seeking to live for her Lord, will first of all want to find out God’s design, purposes and promises for women.

And here’s the book to help. Sarah Young, in this set of nine Bible studies, aims to answer questions such as
- What does the Bible say about the ‘big issues’ facing women today?
- How should this affect my own life?
- How can I be helped to live like this in a society with a very different agenda?
- Some things will be controversial in our culture, even in some of our churches.

This course doesn’t set out to be politically correct but faithful to Scripture.

Suitable for groups or individuals, this guide covers all the major Bible teaching specific to women. Set within the big picture of God’s redemption of sinners through Jesus Christ, the heart-felt aim is that 21st century women will be enabled to live obediently and joyfully for Christ, as women after his own heart.
Table of Contents
1. 'Male and female; he created them': Foundations
2. Women and the Fall
3. Women and marriage
4. Women and singleness
5. Women and beauty
6. Women and the family of God
7. Women and their sisters
8. Women and their brothers
9. Women and their Lord
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