365 Days with Newton

365 days with Newton

Author: Marylynn K Rouse

ISBN: 9781903087923


John Newton was a rich and princely teacher, a sensitive and caring Pastor, and a straight, outspoken guide. His whole ministry bore the marks so evident in his lovely hymns: it was consistently biblical (to share the Word of God), spiritual (to promote walking with God), simple (to make biblical truth and principles plain) and practical (to inculcate personal holiness and sound relationships in church and society). In this collection, every day bears these marks, so useful to every believer, so instructive for those called to minister.


Marylynn K Rouse has a background in teaching. She developed an interest in the life and ministry of John Newton and has been involved for some years in the John Newton Project, a charity dedicated to research into the writings and life of Newton.

Additional notes

- Extracts carefully and wisely selected

- Durable hardback, excellent value for money

- Extensive index system provides a comprehensive navigational system to help researchers find their way through Newton's extensive writings


"In Marylynn Rouse, Newton has found a true disciple and a skilled publicist. By enormous diligence, and self-sacrificing application, she has made herself a leading "Newton expert", and in this sensitive compilation all that expertise is put at our disposal. Come, enjoy and profit!" - From the Foreword, J Alec Motyer

"John Newton in his day, for all his colourful past, was among those early evangelical clergy whom Sir James Stephen, in a famous phrase, called "the second founders of the Church of England". Here, from the ripeness of his ministry, his hymns, diaries, letters, sermons and other writings, Marylynn Rouse offers us a Scriptural meditation for every day of the year. No one could have done it better; and no reader who will approach the book with a receptive heart will not be drawn closer to God by the warmth of John Newton's practical Christian counsel and pastoral exposition." - Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith, Ford, Salisbury

Readership suitability

- Individual and family use

- Those who love the ministry and hymns of John Newton


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