A Fistful of Heroes: Christians at the forefront of Change

A Fistful of Heroes: Christians at the forefront of Change

John Pollock

Pages: 256

Trim: Trade paperback

Isbn: 1845503465

Isbn 13: 9781845503468

Released: March 2008

Series: Biography

Imprint: Christian Focus

Category: Biography > General


God's ways are not our ways.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the lives of some of his servants; Newton changed from slave-trader to abolitionist, R. A. Torrey, the great bible teacher was on the verge of suicide, the polished Earl of Shaftesbury became someone who changed the fortunes of the less well off.

We shouldn't be surprised when we have the examples in the Bible of David and Paul of Tarsus!

John Pollock's deft biographical pen sweeps over great reformers, liberators and evangelists of the 18th & 19th centuries. He shows their spiritual development, often from unpromising beginnings, and encourages us to believe that God can use us too.

28 biographies in five sections include:

* Setting the Prisoners Free - John Newton, William Wilberforce

* Make the Foulest Clean - Sir George Williams, 7th Earl Shaftesbury

* Soldiers for Christ - Sir Henry Havelock, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

* Assist me to Proclaim - Brownlow North, D.L Moody

* Into All the World - Hudson Taylor, Mary Slessor

About John Pollock

John Pollock, an award-winning biographer has a flair for telling a dramatic story. He has used this talent to write many biographies including D.L. Moody and Major General Sir Henry Havelock.

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