Small Talks Volume 2 Sponsorship Program

We truly are a blessed nation. We in Canada along with our brothers in the United States enjoy a level of material prosperity that is unprecedented in the history of the world. Statisticians tell us that if a household owns a car and has title to a personal dwelling, such people are in the 1% of the wealthiest people on the planet. That describes most of us in Canada. Not only are we financially prosperous, but both nations have a long and rich Christian heritage.

The Christian heritage is all around us. We are free to assemble and worship. We are free to attend conferences, Bible Colleges or Seminaries. We are free to download and listen to all manner of preachers and teachers. We are free to purchase and acquire books and resources from any number of sources and study without fear of retribution. We truly are a blessed people.

For many of our brothers and sisters in developing nations the opportunity to avail themselves in solid Christian books is not a possibility. When one has to choose between food or books, usually food wins the day, that is if books are even available.

We at Sola Scriptura Ministries International in conjunction with Christian Salvage Mission would like to ask you to help in small part to provide solid Christian material to churches in India and China. We are making available a children’s/young adult resource called Small Talks on Big Questions Volume 2. Many of our friends have successfully used this book to educate their children on doctrine as well as Church History. Based on the Westminster Cathechism, each chapter begins by asking key doctrinal questions and provides the answers to the child along with Scripture proofs.

The questions are then followed by an episode from the Bible in which the doctrine under discussion is illustrated in the life of a Biblical character. The story concludes with three study questions and further recommendations for Scripture reading. Every chapter of doctrine is followed by a chapter from Church History in which the doctrine is emphasized once again through the life of an historical person. The section closes with study questions along with further Scripture readings.

Small Talks is a heavily illustrated book made with high quality paper and is hard bound so it will survive many years on the mission field. We are attempting to place them in children’s academies where the books will be used by many generations of children. How can you help?

We are asking our friends and supporters to prayerfully consider sponsoring multiple copies of Small Talks at $10 per copy. We are hoping to place 1400 copies into the hands of Christian Salvage Mission by the end of the summer of 2011.

The books come in case lots of 20 copies per case ($200). Donations in any amount are always warmly appreciated. Ideally, we would hope that you would be in a position to sponsor 1 or more cases to move these books as quickly as possible. Not everyone has the means to sponsor a case, so we would ask you to prayerfully consider even just a single book sponsorship.

Price: $10.00


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