Great Themes in Puritan Preaching - Paperback

Great themes in Puritan preaching

Compiled and edited by Mariano Di Gangi






The Puritans, though often caricatured in modern days as narrow, gloomy and austere, were those with a deep and vibrant faith whose high view of the Word of God distinguished them as serious students of the Scriptures. Their preaching was marked by careful exegesis of the great themes of the Bible and the practical application of these doctrines to the life of their hearers. Puritan divines such as John Owen, William Gough, Thomas Watson, John Flavel, Richard Sibbes, and many others, were used of God to powerfully preach the riches of the Messianic work of Christ, the new birth, repentance, justification, sanctification, assurance, and many other foundational biblical themes.


In this volume, Dr. Di Gangi brings together the words and writings of some of these Puritan preachers and presents a summary of Puritan preaching on the great themes of the Word of God. May this book be used to revive in our hearts a love for biblical truth and a desire to see the Scriptures faithfully preached and applied in our day.


About the author: Mariano Di Gangi was raised in New York in a family of Italian immigrants, all converted in 1930 by God's amazing grace.  He graduated from Brooklyn College, Westminster Theological Seminary, The Presbyterian College (Montreal), and received his D.D. from Gordon Conwell Divinity School. Dr. Di Gangi has served at pastorates in Montreal, Hamilton, Philadelphia (Tenth Presbyterian Church) and Toronto. He also served as President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, International Chairman of Interserve (Central Asia) and Professor of Pastoral Studies at Tyndale Seminary, Toronto.



Puritan preaching was wonderfully clear, painstakingly precise, doctrinally meticulous - but above all, thoroughly biblical. Dr. Di Gangi has done a superb job of outlining and summarizing the dominant themes in Puritan preaching. You will learn much from this volume.
JOHN MAC ARTHUR, President of Grace to You Ministries


Dr. Di Gangi writes simply, accurately, and winsomely—here is savory provision for both the beginner and the scholar of Puritan studies. And every believer will find great assistance in these pages for Christian faith and living.
JOEL R. BEEKE, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


A tour de force on Puritan preaching designed to do at least two things: to teach us of the centrality of preaching in Puritan piety, and to convince us of its value in our own world. This fine book proves for Christians what we should already know, but often fail to adequately grasp: preaching matters! A marvelous accomplishment!
DEREK W.H. THOMAS, Professor of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

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