Bible Panorama

The Bible Panorama

Author: Gerard Chrispin

ISBN: 9781903087985


This is a unique introduction to and survey of the Bible, giving an overview of each book of the Bible and taking into consideration the message of each verse, without actually being a verse-by-verse commentary. It provides a series of very memorable outlines for each chapter of the Bible. It also includes a succinct but vigorous defence of the Bible and concludes with a number of reading schemes to guide the reader through the Scriptures.

Contents of The Bible Panorama

Part One

Surveying the Scenery of Scripture

(Each chapter of the Bible plainly summarised and explained. This is done by examining a cluster of verses in each section to bring out the meaning of them all. Additionally, a brief overview precedes each book, providing key background information.)

Part Two

- Enjoying the unhindered view with confidence

- Practical topics about the Bible to help you trust and read it.

Chapter 1 What is the Bible?

Chapter 2 Overviews and study helps

Chapter 3 Can I trust the Bible?

Chapter 4 Does the Bible contradict itself?

Chapter 5 Getting the most out of my Bible

Chapter 6 How were the contents of the Bible decided?

Chapter 7 The Bible's central message

Chapter 8 Why read through the whole of the Bible?

Appendix 1 - The Bible

Appendix 2 - The Bible's chapters

Appendix 3 - Bible reading schemes (BRS) and the Flexible Bible Reading Scheme (FBRS)


Gerard Chrispin is a lawyer also qualified and experienced in management. He has travelled widely in both the USA and Europe. As well as being an itinerant Pastor and conference speaker he has developed and directs a far-reaching prison evangelism ministry. He has written "The Resurrection", "The Unopened Gift", "Philippians for Today", "Priorities from Prison", and three evangelistic booklets, all published by Day One. He is married with three adult children and four grandchildren.

Additional notes

Many generations of devout readers of the Scriptures have found in them the words of eternal life. I commend this volume, whose purpose is to lead people of our day to a like precious faith, to all who are prepared to give the Bible an opportunity to speak to them. Lord Mackay of Clashfern, Former Lord Chancellor of the United Kingdom.


- "I sincerely hope this excellent work gets a wide readership." - Professor Michael A G Haykin, Principal, Toronto Baptist Seminary, Canada

- "This timely and impressive tome by Gerard Chrispin is a valuable tool to get us all into the Bible and all the Bible into us; how grateful I am for such a practical help now to continue reading through the whole Bible." - Richard Cunningham, Director of UCCF, UK

- "Gerard Chrispin has assembled helpful overviews of every passage of Scripture, with clear outlines, that will give you a better grasp of Scripture, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey." - Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace To You, California, USA

- "I am delighted to recommend a resource which draws us back so clearly to reality." - Rico Tice, All Souls, Langham Place, London

- "If we think of the Bible as a range of mountains, Romans is the Himalayan range. In this excellent summary of its powerful message, Gerard Chrispin proves to be a sure-footed guide, leading us up the rugged pathways of truth to the places from which we get such glorious views of God's plan for his people." - Dr John Blanchard, Author And Speaker, UK (Endorsing Notes On Romans)

- "The Bible Panorama is going to really open eyes and hearts about the powerful message of this book." - George Verwer, Founder of Operation Mobilisation

- "This panoramic vista by Gerard Crispin will lead you with certainty through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and lay a sound foundation for a life of growing understanding of the wonderful Word of God." - Rev. Geoff Thomas, Pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church, Wales

- "I am enthusiastic about this book. If you want to read through the whole Bible, or to look into just a part of it, it is always useful to have the big picture first. This is what Gerard Chrispin gives us, succinctly, attractively, accurately, and in a way that is easy to remember. Many will now study the Scriptures with new zest." - Rev. Dr. Stuart Olyott, Pastoral Director Evangelical Movement of Wales

Reader suitability

- Preachers and Bible study leaders, especially those who want to use or perhaps develop the author's outlines in order to enhance their ministries

- Ordinary people who want to get a better understanding of the "flow" of the Bible, and some help to understand its meaning in context

- People reading through the Bible in their individual and family devotions.

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